Films produced | Documentary | Tracks/Spår | Directors Gunnar Bergdahl & Annica Carlsson Bergdahl

Every year about 80 people kill themselves in Sweden by standing on a rail track and wait for a train. Through a journey we get switched into a series of train drivers stories that is forming a chorus of voices while we travel along the inexorable tracks.

Films produced | Documentary | The Culinary Show Nobody Talks About Anymore | Directors Bo Sjökvist and Bengt Löfgren

The Filmmakers Bo Sjökvist and Bengt Löfgren meets the singer Lena Junoff to produce a culinary show together. Despite good intentions from all parties it turns out to be difficult to realize.

Films in production | Documentary | Become the Media | Directors Gustav Skogens & Carl Javér

“As we see the traditional media landscape disintegrating, a new generation of street journalists is emerging, reporting directly from their own streets and communities, to a worldwide online audience. Re-defining what is news and who is the newsmaker.”

Film in production | Documentary | No Time For Love | Director Bo Sjökvist

 “I’m not ashamed. I don’t even know the meaning of the word”

-Johnny Bode

Film in Co-production | Documentary | No Word For Worry | Director Runar J Wiik

Our Award Winning Co-Production ”No Word For Worry/Mitt Hem Är Havet” just screened at SVT. Well worth diving into! Curious on the Moken People? Read more here.

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