Reconstructing Utøya (in production) | Director Carl Javér | Development Carl Javér and Fredrik Lange

 “In a series of reconstructions five survivors from the terrorattack at Utøya in 2011 show what happened to them and how they survived. “

No Time For Love/Ingen tid för kärlek | Bo Sjökvist & Bengt Löfgren

 “I’m not ashamed. I don’t even know the meaning of the word”

-Johnny Bode

Le Jour / The Day | Director Morgane Dziurla Petit

7th of mai 2017 on the day of the French election the film follows four persons that all long for change. In the dawn the next day by coincidence they all meet and in the physical presence their diverse opinions becomes both unpleasant and insignificant.

– Maja Kekonius, Göteborg Film Festival

Between two Worlds | Co Production with Magic Hours Films | Janus Metz in cooperation with anthropologist Sine Plambech

Between Two Worlds’ is a unique longitudinal study of a network of Thai/Danish marriages shot over ten years. It is an exploration of globalization over time set on the intimate stage of marriage and family.

Lost Warriors | Co Production with Made in Copenhagen |Nasib Farah & Søren Steen Jespersen

Lost Warrior follows Al-Shabaab-regretter, Mohammed, who was recruited at a young age by the terrororganisation Al-Shabaab back in England.

Last Breath/Till sista andetaget | Gunnar Bergdahl

Every life has an ending.

In ”Last Breath” director Gunnar Bergdahl examines death, recreating the last time with his father, as life fades away.

Once Upon A Time/En gång i tiden | Roozbeh Behtaji

Ess, an unaccompanied child refugee is approached by a filmmaker to make a film about his life. He turns it down – then all memories comes back.

No Word For Worry |Co-production with Vinland AS | Runar J Wiik

Our Award Winning Co-Production ”No Word For Worry/Mitt Hem Är Havet” just screened at SVT. Well worth diving into! Curious on the Moken People? Read more here.

In production | Become the Media | Gustav Skogens & Carl Javér

“As we see the traditional media landscape disintegrating, a new generation of street journalists is emerging, reporting directly from their own streets and communities, to a worldwide online audience. Re-defining what is news and who is the newsmaker.”

Lighthouse Keepers | Dede Axelsdotter

In a reflective observation on everyday life and a house in a state of decay a father and son tries to co operate. One day the light is out.

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