Vilda Bomben Film AB is carving out itself as a cutting edge film production company – in Sweden and in Europe. Ambitious when it comes to artistic quality and always looking for new ways to tell a story. Run and owned by producer Fredrik Lange and filmmaker Carl Javér and co-owned by lawyer Jesper Sundström. 
When we work with filmmakers (like you?) we insist that the artists themselves maintain their rights. We don’t own the ideas – you do. 

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Vilda Bomben Film AB – The company was founded in 2004 and is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is co-owned by Fredrik Lange, Carl Javér and the solicitor Jesper Sundström. Vilda Bomben film has produced the following films:

”The Wow! Element”, 28 min, 2006. Short Documentary, screened by SVT 2006, ”Freia and thef Wannabe Indians#, 14 min, 2013. Short Documentary, screened by SVT 2013. Financed by Swedish Film Institute, SVT, and Film i Väst., ”Interior Life” 6 /13, min, 2013. Dance short. Financed by Film i Väst and Gothenburg  City, ”Freak Out” 85/58 min, 2014. Feature documentary, Cinema distribution by Folkets Bio, Screened for 17 weeks in 2014. Film of the month (May) at NFI, Norway. Screened by MDR, ARTE, SVT, NRK, YLE, DR, RUV, SFR. MAKEDOX main award 2014 and several other awards and nominations. Financed by: SFI, NFI, DFI, NFTVF, MEDIA, Art Grants Committee, MDR/ARTE, SVT, NRK, YLE, RUV, DR and coproduced by majade, Final Cut for Real, Hallum og Jensen, Filmgate Films and FIV., ”No Word for Worry” 85/52 min 2014 Feature documentary to be sceened by NRK and SVT in 2015. Produced by  Ten Thousand Images and Hallum/Jensen in coproduction with Vilda Bomben Film  and Nomad Films., ”The Lighthouse Keepers” 28 min, 2015. Short Documenary, opening at Gothenburg IFF 2015. In 2016 the short TRACKS by Gunnar Bergdahl and Annica Bergdahl opened at Goteborg International Film Festival. Later it won the “Golden Chair” Best International Short at Grimstad Film Festival.