Reality Check

Simone Norberg | Sweden| 2022 | 14 minutes

The friends Amanda and Savannah will participate in a reality series. Just before leaving for the filming location, Amanda receives an offer she has a hard time accepting. Celebrity dreams are set against remorse in Simone Norberg’s portrayal of a drama-seeking TV world.

Director : Simone Norberg.

Photography : Antonio Ikovic

Music : Astrid Söfelde

Editing : Simone Norberg

Producer : Golaleh Farhang Azad

Executive Producer : Fredrik Lange


Simone Norberg is a fiction filmmaker from Gothenburg born in 1996. After 2 years of art studies in southern Sweden where she mostly focused on production design, she went back to Gothenburg to study film directing at The Academy of Art and Design (HDK-Valand). Common topics in Simone Norberg’s film making are young people and their expectations of close relations and friendship. Her main characters are often frustrated, sometimes mourning, women who are looking for something unavailable. By working within the traditional frameworks of drama, but avoiding the superficial, she wants to create a space where the personal gets universal, and where the audience can identify with this universality. Simone Norberg’s previous short Bad Lesbian won numerous festival prizes and was nominated for Best Short at the prestigious Swedish national film awards Guldbagge in 2022.