Ansiktet i lönndörren | Tashlyn Chetty

The face in the secret door, explores the psychological state of mind of a woman through memory and haptic imagery. 

No Time For Love/Ingen tid för kärlek | Bo Sjökvist & Bengt Löfgren

The documentary on Johnny Bode takes you through a journey of music, sex and lost hopes when following the traces of the scandal singers life.

“I’m not ashamed. I don’t even know the meaning of the word.”

-Johnny Bode


Last Breath/Till sista andetaget | Gunnar Bergdahl

“Last Breath” examines death, recreating the last time with a father, as life fades away.

Matlagningsprogrammet som ingen talar om längre | Bo Sjökvist & Bengt Löfgren

The filmmakers meet the singer Lena Junhoff to produce a culinary show together based on microwave recipes. Despite good intentions from all parties it turns out to be very difficult to realize.

Once Upon A Time/En gång i tiden | Roozbeh Behtaji

Ess, an unaccompanied child refugee, is approached by a filmmaker to make a film about his life. Ess turns it down but then all memories comes back.

Lighthouse Keepers | Dede Axelsdotter

In a lighthouse in a state of decay a father and son try to co operate. One day the light is out.


Resan till Utopia / The Journey to Utopia | Erland E Mo

A Norwegian- Danish family of artists who decides to take their responsibilities towards the global climate crisis and moves to Karise Permatopia, self-sufficient, organic and politically correct village under construction.


Heartbound/ Hjärtelandet I Co Production with Magic Hours Films | Janus Metz in cooperation with anthropologist Sine Plambech

Heartbound is a unique longitudinal study of a network of Thai/Danish marriages shot over ten years. An exploration of globalization over time set on the intimate stage of marriage and family. Winner of Bodil Award 2019.


Lost Warriors | Co Production with Made in Copenhagen |Nasib Farah & Søren Steen Jespersen

Lost Warrior follows Al-Shabaab-regretter, Mohammed, who was recruited at a young age by the terrororganisation Al-Shabaab back in England.


No Word For Worry |Co-production with Vinland AS | Runar J Wiik

An Award Winning Co-Production “No Word For Worry/Mitt Hem Är Havet” follows the last fisherman in Thailand before they leave the sea and  settle inland. Well worth diving into.


Become the Media | Gustav Skogens & Carl Javér

As we see our media landscape disintegrate, a new generation of street journalists emerge redefining what information is and what is transmitted.

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