Freia and the Wannabe Indians

Carl Javér | Sweden | 2013 | 14 minutes


Freia are 14 years old and lives in an alternative community on the west coast of Sweden. At home meditation and raw food are in focus. At school, with her friends it’s Facebook and mopeds. Freia is about to find a way to shape her own life. The film was part of the Swedish Film Institute and Swedish Televisions series “Born in the 90’s”.

Screened at Göteborg International Film Festival 2013, Melbourne Film Festival 2013 and San Fransisco Shorts Film Festival 2013.



Carl Javér, was born in 1972,  he has worked as a director and editor on several documentaries since leaving film school (Documentary Film Production at Biskops Arnö, 1993-94). He has directed seven documentaries including three major documentary series. Workshop leader and lecturer in documentary filmmaking.

Selected films as director include: Tel al-Zaatar – The road back (1996, SVT), nominated and complimented at ECHO TV and Radio Awards. Heroin (2003, TV4), Warehouse No 180 (2005, SVT) and Everyone Finds Love But Me (2007 SVT). The documentary series include The Hospital (1999 TV4) The Highschool (2001 TV4) and The Crash (2010 SVT). He also made the short Freia and the Wannabe Indians (SVT 2012). Freak Out was his first major documentary on a European level winning numerous International Film Festival prizes at Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Makedox, GFFIS, Utopia Film Festival etc.